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Celebrating Jewish Traditions, Holidays and Hebrew Language

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The Jewish Afterschool program for your child

Hebrew Academy Afternoon School is the Jewish educational program housed in Beth Tikvah for children who are looking for an afterschool program focusing in Hebrew Language, Jewish tradition and celebrating Jewish pride.


Our fun, engaging and dynamic classes will inspire your children and make learning exciting.

Great teachers!

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Celebrate our holidays, customs and practices in a way that touches your child’s heart as well as their mind.


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Housed in a synagogue, your child will feel comfortable mulling around the shul, feeling they own the place – because they do!


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Promoting a love of land and people, we proudly support the state and what it means to us.

Our Land!

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What they say..

“The teachers have been wonderfully engaging and attend to the individual learning needs of all the students.”

Marla Litvak

“Simply put, our students live Jewish experiences that will carry them forward and that that they will always remember. ”

Renana Chemtov

“I would highly recommend Hebrew Academy Afternoon School to any parent looking for a well-rounded educational Hebrew experience for their children.”

Rhonda Skolnick

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